Why Courageous Church?

We believe that all of us have a God-designed purpose that we should be thriving in. We also believe the best way to both discover and do that, is with others. That’s what Courageous Church is all about. It’s about the power of experiencing a hope-filled and courageous life through a real connection with a life-giving and loving family. That’s the invitation we have in Jesus, and that’s why we gather as the church - to equip & empower people to love, follow, and serve him courageously!

WHy Salt lake city?

Because we love Utah and its people! We also have history here that runs clear back to the 80’s (remember those?), when Candace’s family planted Metro Fellowship in downtown Salt Lake City and helped serve and start other churches in the region. In some ways, we’re simply picking up where her family left off, re-joining the work that God has already begun here. In new ways, we get to be a fresh expression of God’s voice to this region, joining other churches and tribes to courageously extend his heart to the people that live here.

Find out more about us and our story here.


We’re a church start-up or “plant.” Our current focus is to launch local gatherings and community groups right here in the Salt Lake Valley. Our extended hope is to love, reach, and disciple people all over Northern Utah, the Mountain West, and beyond!

We’re getting ready to launch our public services on September 15, 2019 in Holladay, Utah. Between now and then we’ll be hosting interest meet-ups, launch parties, and events. Follow us on social media to find out more!


Expect good news! We believe you’ll experience real hope and help for your family, marriage, and relationships. In addition, we’ll make sure your children are well loved and discipled, as we celebrate the life of God in and among them (safe and fun ministry for early childhood to 5th grade will be provided at every service).

Expect to meet all kinds of people who are learning to love, follow, and serve Jesus together. In connecting with others, we believe you will feel loved and valued for who you are, right where you are (come casual, or dress up if you want to).

Expect to find people that love to pray, sing, and read their bibles. Expect to find those that believe in miracles and healing, and those that are still new to the Spirit life. In all things, we will model honor and seek unity among all generations, churches, and tribes (we welcome people from different traditions).

Expect to be called on to make a real difference and to have fun! We believe there is plenty of joy to be found in the journey, especially if you’re looking for it (serve teams and community groups are a big part of where this happens).

Most importantly, expect the unexpected! This is Jesus’ church. He’s invited us into what he’s building. Like you, we get to follow him wherever he leads us. And as a team, our heart is to love and serve each other well.


Because you were not meant to do life alone. You were made to live a courageous life with others! From the young to the old, the church is not just a place, but a loving family where we come together to do that in an honest and powerful way. That means there’s a seat at the table with your name on it. So what are you waiting for? Join the party!